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My name is David Montague. I was born and spent my formative years in London. Like many others I was immersed in music and started my first amateur band at the age of 11. At the age of 13 I gave my first semi-pro performance at an engagement party. Following which, to this day, I have worked in music and entertainment.  


Having at the age of 14 been spotted by a prospective manager, I spent the next five years playing in what felt like every volatile and dangerous venue the UK had to offer. However, by the grace of God (other than on one occasion when our van and all our instruments were stolen), I survived.  

Re-equipped I continued to work with bands. But in my late teens, realising that my real desire lay in writing, recording and production, along with my friend Guy Mascolo we wrote and produced our first album 'The Five Day Week Straw People.' What followed has been to this day spent in music and entertainment: A lifetime of ups, downs, and a few dreams that came true. 

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